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Did you know that 79% of all brides who did not hire a videographer regret not getting one. While it is true that still photographs are something that every bride and groom wants to be able to pull out from time to time, there are qualities that video has that photography could never match. Think about reliving the sound of you saying your wedding vows to each other. Even the most amazing still photograph of you and your fiance standing facing each other as you say your vows just can't match that. Or what about the amazing toasts presenting by family and friends at your reception. With video, you will be able to hear every word once again. Let's face it, without the sound, these words would fade from your memory over time. Or what about being able to see the entire first dance again or your guests interacting or those special messages sent to you by close family and friends? These are all priceless. But the only way to have them available to you is to hire a professional wedding videographer. There are many things for you to consider in terms of what videographer would be the best hire. The St. Louis area is known for having some absolutely phenomenal wedding videographers. You never know, there could be one right around the corner from where you live. But just remember, it is an important enough decision that you will want to do your due diligence and make sure that you are satisfied with the one that you do hire. The world of wedding videography awaits you, here are some questions to pose to any candidate that you consider, they are the key to opening the door to the perfect videographer for you and your special day.

The first thing that you want to make sure of is that you are meeting with the actual wedding videographer who will be showing up at your wedding. Do not meet with only a representative of a videography company. You want to be looking into the eyes of the one who will be shooting your special day because you want to make sure you not only get the right answers to your questions, but you want to make sure that you have a rapport with your vendor. It can't be stated any other way, look for experience. How many weddings have they shot? What did they get into the videography business?How long have they been a wedding videographer? Is this what they do for a living? We cannot stress enough that you not entrust your special day to a newbie. It takes time to learn all of the nuances of a wedding. Talk about their style? Just like different directors in Hollywood have various styles in the way they shoot a movie, wedding videographers also specialize in various shooting styles. Make sure that they explain what they mean by their style and they should be able to show you footage of weddings that they have done that depicts that style. Can you picture your wedding being shot and edited in that style? Don't take this area of style for granted, it is tremendously important. Make sure that their style matches what you want.

Is the candidate likable? Again, this is one of those vendors that can make your day less enjoyable if there is anything grinding about them at all. They will be there in your vicinity for the entire day. Make sure that they are easy going and know how to interact with people in an affable way. Enjoying your big day is your number one priority. And you also want to honor your guests by hiring vendors who will treat them with the utmost respect. Have them tell you about their equipment. It may sound like a bunch of Greek, but you can at least look up the models they tell you about and see if it is top of the line equipment. Look diligently through their list of packages? Which one fits you best? Pay close attention to the number of hours of coverage time listed. You want it to be enough to capture everything you will need. Talk about the editing process. How much say will you have in what kind of editing is done? We highly recommend having a second shooter there if you can afford it. Look for a package that includes this.

What kind of finished product will you receive? Will your edited movie be put on a DVD? What about the raw footage? How much will it cost to get extra copies. Now, get in a quiet room and have you and your fiance compare every candidate that you interviewed. It should not take long for one videographer in particular to emerge from the rest.

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