About Saint Louis Limo Bus

Saint Louis's Number One Limo Bus Company

Saint Louis Limo Bus has been trusted for years as the top limo bus company in Saint Louis. But just what is it that makes us such a strong company? Well, it's several factors of our business that work together to result in a strong company providing reliable service. Our wonderful people, our great product, and our committed service combined have earned us this honorable reputation, and it's one we work hard to keep!

Our People

Here at Saint Louis Limo Bus we only hire the best. That includes everyone from our agents to our chauffeurs! When you make your initial phone call to us, you'll speak with a friendly booking agent will answer all of your questions, give you a price quote, and guide you through the booking process. If you have any questions afterwards, our agents are there 24/7 to help you out.

Our chauffeurs are simply the best. Not only are they professional and friendly, a must in this industry, but each of our drivers is fully licensed and have undergone extensive background checks and safety training upon hire. Our drivers will happily take you wherever you need to go during your rental, all you have to do is ask! You're in safe hands with Saint Louis Limo Bus.

Our Product

It takes more than a shiny coat of paint to make a vehicle great. At Saint Louis Limo Bus, we not only have vehicles with attractive exteriors, but each vehicle has an interior packed with style and convenience. Our vehicles are spacious, offer comfortable seating, and have state-of-the-art features for your enjoyment! Colorful club-style lighting, on board bars and coolers, flat screen TVs, DVD players, amazing sound systems, and more make our vehicles your own VIP clubs on wheels! Travel in comfort and celebrate in style! But that's not all we do to keep our product great. Beautiful exteriors and amazing interiors wouldn't get us very far if we didn't properly maintain our engines! Our vehicles are regularly inspected to make sure they're clean and in proper working order from the TVs right down to the breaks. You wont find finer vehicles anywhere!