Saint Louis Limo Bus FAQ

Our most frequently asked questions are answered here

Whether this is your first time renting a limo bus, or if you've rented several vehicle before, it's common to have questions about policies, pricing, etc. For your convenience, we've listed our most frequently asked questions below! We've done our best to provide clear and straightforward answers, but if you're like additional details or have more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us! Our agents are available 24/7 by both phone and email!

And now for the Q & A

How much does it cost?

Prices vary depending on things like date, time, and size of vehicle. We have very competitive prices that change the with the market, so we don't publish rates on line. But if you give us a call we can give you current pricing! You can also check out our Pricing page to learn more about what you'll need when you contact us for a full quote.

How late can I rent until?

There is no limit here! We operate 24/7 so you can rent to and from absolute any time! Whether it's a daytime outing ending at 4pm, a late night event ending at 2am, or a party lasting until 5am, we can provide the transportation!

How do I get a quote?

You can get a quote just by calling us or sending an email! Just let us know a few basic details about your event and we'll be able to let you know the cost! We'll need to know the date, time, and location of pick up, the length of the rental, the type of event, and how many passengers you'll have.

Can I drink on the vehicles?

Absolutely! Our vehicles even feature coolers and cup holders for your convenience! As long as you are of legal age, you can bring whatever you'd like to drink on board and enjoy it!

Can I smoke in the vehicles?

No, all of our vehicles are non-smoking. However, you can ask your driver to pull over somewhere any time you feel you need a break!

Do you provide alcohol?

No, Saint Louis Limo Bus is unable to provide alcohol for you. However, as long as you're of legal drinking age, you're more than welcome to bring all the alcohol you want or need on board!

What type of features do your vehicles have?

This varies depending on the vehicle. To start, all of our vehicles have comfortable seating, dark privacy windows, and amazing stereo systems. Our limousines and buses feature colorful club-like lighting, bars/coolers, TVs, DVD players, and our buses even have dance poles!

How does overtime work?

Overtime is dependent on availability. If someone has booked your bus after your end time, we will not able to take you into overtime. If you think your event will run longer, it is advisable to schedule that time prior. An agent can provide you with more details on this topic.

Do I need to put down a deposit?

Yes, we do require a deposit at the time of booking to complete your reservation. Reservations are done on a first-come-first-serve basis, so we cannot hold a vehicle for you unless you put down a deposit.

Does your vehicles include bathrooms?

Unfortunately, we do not include restrooms on our vehicles. However, you have unlimited stops with us, so if you need to go, let your driver know and he or she will pull over as soon as it is safe to do so.

Do I need to clean the vehicle after I'm done?

While we don't expect you to scrub the vehicle after your time with us, we do greatly appreciate it if you leave the vehicle in a cleanly manor that we arrived to you in. Please note, that certain messes may require special clean up fees (we're thinking barf here folks).

What if my question isn't answered here?

If you have additional questions or would just like more details to any of the questions above, just give us a call or send an email! We're here 24/7 so there's always an agent available and willing to help you!

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