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Petting Zoos

Finding St. Louis Petting Zoos

A petting zoo is the perfect idea for a unique party, and it offers a great opportunity to get children interested in nature and wildlife. While most petting zoos host the typical animals — sheep, pigs, maybe a horse or pony — there are plenty of St. Louis petting zoos that offer more creative options. But before you even begin searching, there a few things you need to decide upon first. For starters, are the typical petting zoo animals enough? Or would you like to introduce the partygoers to some animals they have never seen before in person? Also, are you mainly focused on entertaining the children? Or do you want to offer the adults some fun as well? Below are a few tips to get you started on your search and help you make your final choice.

Animal Choices

The first step is deciding which animals you want to see. There are St. Louis petting zoos that specialize in exotic animals, reptiles and farm animals. But before you make this choice, be sure that you’re offering something new to your guests. In a city like St. Louis, it’s fair to say that the majority of the population hasn’t had firsthand experience with farm animals, but this is far from guaranteed. Similarly, be 100% sure that you aren’t going to trigger any phobias. If you want to take the unique option and opt to visit a reptile petting zoo, it’s best to clarify this with the attendees beforehand. But beware: While certain St. Louis petting farms have exotic animals like monkeys and camels, count on these petting zoos being more expensive. Also, these types of petting zoos tend to focus more on the animals and don’t offer the attractions that more standard petting zoos have.

Visiting an On-site Petting Zoo Vs. Hiring a Traveling Petting Zoo for Your Party

Another thing to keep in mind is whether or not you want to hire a traveling pet zoo for your party or if you’d rather bring the gang to an on-site petting zoo. While most traveling pet zoos only bring domestic animals (i.e. farm animals), this is a solid option for a more casual party. On the other hand, if your main goal is actually seeing and petting new animals and not just throwing a creative party, your only option may be to visit a petting zoo.

What Else Does the Petting Zoo Offer?

If you’re planning on simply spending the day together without the need to see anything new, a traditional petting farm is your best bet. Not only do they tend to be cheaper, but they also offer more attractions. For instance, some St. Louis petting zoos offer seasonal attractions, the option to rent out the entire zoo, shows and restaurants and bars. In order to have the best time at a petting zoo, be sure to evaluate your needs and requirements beforehand, and then respond to them by carefully evaluating what the different petting zoos in your area offer.