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Finding St. Louis Party Venues

While everyone loves a good house party, not everybody loves hosting a good house party. So when you are planning for a big event, such as a graduation, a wedding reception or a large birthday party, your best bet may be holding the event at a venue. Searching for St. Louis party venues may seem daunting at first — a city like St. Louis is full of venues, with everything from banquet halls and concert venues to golf courses and country clubs — but with the right preparation and some of the tips listed below, it can be much easier and more enjoyable than throwing a house party. Before you begin your search in earnest, there are a couple concepts to be aware of, notably, whether or not you truly need a party venue and what exactly you can expect a party venue to supply.

Do You Need a Party Venue?

First off, determine whether or not your event will require a venue. If your house is small and you’re expecting a lot of kids, drinks and food, a party venue is an excellent stress-free option. For a party you’d rather take part in than host, you’re better off holding it in a venue. This takes you away from the center of attention and allows you to mingle with your guests instead of attending to them. If you have a small guest list, renting a party venue may still be the most appropriate choice depending on the cause for celebration. Even with a small group, your house is not the best option for an event like a wedding reception. Let’s face it: We all have memories of having to clean up a house party once it’s over. And that is exactly what’s great about renting a St. Louis party venue, you can focus on entertaining your guests (and yourself, most of all) without worrying about having to clean it all up once it’s over.

Booking and Supplying the Venue

Now that you’ve decided on booking a party venue in St. Louis comes the next part: paying for it. During your search, you will come across large differences in prices, but this is for a reason. While most venues will offer all the amenities you need: a bar, music, plenty of seating, and of course food, it’s possible that you come across a great venue that is lacking in one of these areas. But be careful! This doesn’t necessarily mean you should forego them. If you visited a party venue that you think is perfect for your guests, perhaps you could supply the materials yourself. St. Louis party venues are usually open to outsourcing for getting the supplies you require, and most of them will provide you with a list of their preferred catering and supply companies. In the end, you may end up saving more money by booking the venue you had in mind and just supplying entertainment yourself, as opposed to forking out tons of money to have an all-in-one party venue.