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Finding Magicians in St. Louis

While certain party attractions are more suited towards children, such as a clown or a bounce house, magicians can breathe wonder into any party. Even better, a magician fits into many environments, whereas a pony or bounce house clearly doesn’t. However, prices can vary quite significantly depending on the time, the event and the type of magician you had in mind. With a good understanding of the attendees and the venue, it’s easy to find the correct magician — you just need to know what to be on the lookout for. But before you even begin searching for St. Louis magicians, you first need to commit to a type of magician.

Decide on a Style

While the word “magician” brings a certain image to most people, a man with a wand, a vest, a cape and a top hot, there are many different types of magicians. So your first step in finding one is deciding on the style you want. For instance, if you’re throwing a party at a banquet hall or renting out a bar, a magician that specializes in card tricks is sure to be a hit. On the other hand, a full-on staged presentation may go unnoticed, but a bar-savvy magician performing quick card tricks from guest to guest fits perfectly with that environment. Conversely, for a children’s party, a staged performance with rabbits in hats and the whole ordeal is a great option since it will capture the children’s attention and most likely show them something new. For a mixed crowd, there are many St. Louis magicians that specialize in both adult- and children-oriented tricks.

Finding and Booking a Magician

The next step is committing to a magician and booking them for your event. After you have decided upon the type of magician your party requires, your search will become much more easier. So if you want a magician for a banquet hall, be on the look out for keyword like “cards”, “bars”, and “adults”. And vice versa, if you see a magician who dresses casual and specializes in card tricks, that’s a good sign they won’t be a hit at a child’s birthday party. Most St. Louis magicians have their own website or at the very least have a Yelp or LinkedIn page. By using the information you found there, especially user reviews, you can form a good idea on what the magician offers and their price range. Once you have a sense of the magician’s reputation and what they do best, you can easily weed out the magicians you don’t want and focus on those that fit right in with your party environment. While there are plenty of St. Louis magicians to book for an event, you need to book in advance. If you’re planning on hiring a truly professional magician, you can count of their schedules’ being full. Sure, finding a magician is fairly simple, but with the right idea and thorough preparations, finding the best magician isn’t much more difficult.