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How to Find Face Painters in St. Louis

Finding a face painter may seem easy at first. After all, it is a one-time piece of art. Some parents may even feel as if they could do this themselves or simply hire the babysitter to do it. But if you want the kids to really live their face paintings, you need a professional. A few whiskers, a black nose and some orange stripes aren’t what gets the children excited about their face painting. No, they want fur, teeth, ears and everything. In this regard, there is a stark difference between parents’ face paintings and those done by professionals. Furthermore, a face painting booth will hardly make the party. Luckily, many St. Louis face painters also specialize in party equipment and can plan the entire event for you. When looking for face painters, and not just any face painters but professionals, you need to be aware of a couple things.

Face Panting or Cheek painting?

Yes, there actually are sub fields of face painting. Whole face painters are skilled with creating an exciting image for the children, a new persona. Cheek painters, on the other hand, specialize more in drawing and the ability to draw a realistic, accurate design on the cheek. When deciding on a company, be sure to look at both their cheek paintings and their face paintings. If it seems like they favor or excel at one or the other, you may want to look elsewhere. For a themed party based on a cartoon or some other character, accurate cheek painting of the characters should be sufficient. But at a jungle-themed party, for example, you will want face painters that can totally transform the children’s faces into their favorite animal. But just keeping the art in mind isn’t enough. You need to also take the guests and the event into consideration. For a great party with a St. Louis face painter, you need to evaluate all these aspects.

Adult Face Painting

Keep the party’s demographics in mind when hiring a face painter. While nearly any age of children will enjoy a face painter at a halloween party, certain face painters specialize in realistic paintings, while other focus on truly horrific face paintings. If you are having a halloween party for older children or adults, you may want to go with the latter. As you browse a company’s showcase, be attentive to the quality and tone of the face paintings. This goes both ways: Just because a company does realistic monster face paintings, this doesn’t mean that they are good at simple cheek pantings of pumpkins for instance. Furthermore, if you supply the company with a great idea, you can go far with a face painting party. A Phantom of the Opera party, a masquerade or another themed party is definitely doable with the right company. Another pointer: for a themed party, be aware that while the per-hour rate may seem exorbitant at first, you have to remember that their price includes the paint, the supplies and the preparation. If you are going for a truly realistic full face painting, you should definitely expect to pay the painters a reasonable price.