How to Find Clowns in St. Louis

Whether you’re throwing a party for the kids, a birthday party for a friend or even a bachelor/bachelorette’s party, a clown can really liven up the event. Clowns are one of the staples of a full-fledged party. Conversely, a boring, cliched clown is one of the staples of the comedy world. So when looking for St. Louis clowns, there are a couple criteria they should meet. The very first place to start is finding a company that specializes in either clowns for adults or clowns for children. Obviously, a clown for a child’s birthday party may not be the best clown for a bachelorette’s party, and especially vice versa. While some companies specialize equally as well in both, for an adult party, you’re much better off finding a company that specializes in clowns for adults. This doesn’t mean that they have to be inappropriate (although they certainly can be), but generally, children will be a lot more forgiving of a cliche clown than adults will. You can almost certainly bet that balloon cats and dogs won’t be enough to entertain an adult party

Clowns for Children

If you’re an amateur party planner and have everything but the clown figured out, you should have no problems finding a “freelance” clown to join the party. However, if you’re starting from scratch, there are numerous children’s party companies in St. Louis that can plan the entire event for you. While this is more costly, it can help ensure the smooth sailing of the entire party. For instance, there are St. Louis clown companies that can send a superhero, a few princes/princesses or even some farm animals along with the guest of honor. You also want to gauge the parents who will be attending the party. Maybe a few over-the-children’s-head innuendos will be fine for the performance, but mostly you will want 100% family friendly entertainment for a children’s birthday party. Also make sure that the clowns pass a background check and that the props and tools they use will be safe. While some fireworks or a mild boom or two may be perfect for your adult party, some parents may not feel comfortable with their children being front and center for that performance.

Clowns for Adults

There are plenty of non-family friendly clowns that would love to entertain a bachelor/bachelorette party, a fraternity event or even just a casual get together. For adult-themed clowns, you have to be confident that the clown will be a hit. Be sure the companies you consult have a good understanding of your party and what your guests expect. The last thing you want is to be remembered for having a lame party with a cliched clown. For bachelor/bachelorette parties, you will most likely want to search out a risqué clown, while for other adult gatherings, you may want a clown that specializes in magic and illusions. Remember, the main goal in finding a St. Louis clown is having a concrete understanding of what your guests (or their parents) will find appropriate, entertaining and humorous.