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Children's Photographers

How to Find Children Photographers in St. Louis

Children’s photography poses a few difficulties over adult photography. For starters, standard to excellent photography skills simply are not enough. A successful children’s photographer also needs experience with children and has to know how to guide the photo shoot. Secondly, you want to see proven experience with photographing children. And finally, you need a company that gets the photographs right on the first try, not a company that relies on photo editing software. When looking for St. Louis children’s photographers, you want somebody who has visible proof of their ability to capture that fleeting moment of your child’s youth. You need to be on the lookout for over-processed photos and a selective portfolio. As you browse through different companies, be attentive to their sample pieces. If you see a lot of infant pictures, and your child is approaching adolescence, you may want to go with another company. On the other hand, if your child is an infant, and the company has a beautiful display of infant photos, you will want to put them higher in your list.

Photographers for Infants

Although the photos most companies display will be touched up, don’t let this persuade you. Try to see through the editing and imagine how the photo shoot was carried out. Does the child look upset or agitated? Does the photo look just too cliche? These may be signs that you’re dealing with a touch-up expert rather than a master children’s photographer. When you finally settle on a photographer, be positive that their skills lie in capturing the photos as opposed to what happens in the studio after the photo shoot. While the picture itself will serve as a memory, you don’t want photo day to be full of stress or impatience. Even though children may still look adorable upset, you want to be in control of the child’s emotions and have the photographer elicit the correct emotions.

Photographers for Older Children

On one hand, older children are more easily malleable when it comes to taking photos: You can clearly convey the idea behind the photo to them, and they take instructions much, much better than infants. Even better, an older child can give you some ideas on photo shoots that would be fun for them, in turn giving you a higher chance of success with the photos. However, a temperamental child can ruin a photo shoot, which is a waste of money since most photographers still charge hourly rates. Children’s photographers need to be able to set the tone of the photo shoot and direct the children without issue. When looking through a St. Louis children’s photographer’s portfolio, be on the look out for honest happiness. Sarcasm, overstressed facial expressions and simple smiles are all signs that the photographer is not high highly skilled with directing older children. In all, you want your children to enjoy themselves during the photo shoot. This is what leads to photos that come out great on the first shot.