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How to Find a Bounce House in St. Louis

Nearly all of us can recall that childlike excitement of hopping around in a bounce house. But today, the entertainment goes beyond simply jumping up and down, and it definitely goes beyond the children. You can find slides, water-slides, games and even foosball and jousting inflatables. For adults, a traditional bounce house may not seem too exciting, but a human-sized foosball course will be sure to arouse some interest. While for children, safety will most likely be the number one issue. There is a plethora of options available for St. Louis bounce houses, and with a proper understanding of your choices and your party goers, you can create the perfect bounce house party. Luckily, most bounce house suppliers offer more than inflatable entertainment and can rent out decorations, accessories and tables and chairs,. Dunk tanks are common fare for larger party planning companies. Once you have your party envisioned, it’s easy to find a one-stop shop for planning your next event featuring a bounce house. Here are some ideas and some points to keep in mind during your search.

Bounce Houses for Infants and Toddlers

First off, you want to know the age of your party goers. If there are going to be infants and toddlers at the party, you want a bounce house specifically made for them. At the very least, you want to isolate them to their own bounce house. When calling around to reserve a bounce house, be sure to ask if the company has options for toddlers and small children. Most companies offer bounce houses for toddlers and infants, which are generally smaller with more secure entrances and exits. For a toddler and infant party, a simple yet visually attractive bounce house should be enough.

Bounce Houses for Children

For children, a simple bounce house might be all they need to stay entertained. Even though a jousting bounce house may be a blast for adults, it may not be the best bet for a children’s party. So focus more on the safety and unique shapes and sizes offered. If your event will have more than one bounce house, some common inflatable options are slides and obstacle courses. When looking for St. Louis bounce house companies, you want to be sure it focuses on family friendly options. If you see bounce houses in shapes that children easily recognize, such as cartoon or movie characters, you’re at the right place. Several companies have showroom locations where you can bring the children and have them help make the choice for you. For a birthday party, bringing your child with you can make the search much easier.

Bounce Houses for Adults

While a simple, safe bounce house may be all the children need to stay amused for hours, adults will surely need something more entertaining. This is when party planners should begin looking for more outside-the-box bounce houses. When looking for an agency, be sure that they offer more than traditional bounce houses, as most do. For this, you can find inflatable supplies for sports and competition based games. Common options are basketball courts and gladiator-like contraptions such as a jousting bounce house.