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Balloon Twisters

How to Find Balloon Twisters in St. Louis

Whether for a children’s birthday party or for a company gathering, a balloon twister is always a great way to bring the party together. Depending on the event, there are several options available. The most standard route would be a simple show, with the balloon twister making various shapes and figures. This usually turns into a charades-like game as the spectators race to guess the shapes. However, when searching for a company that specializes in balloon twisting, party planners can take it a step further with themed parties or interactive shows. Below are some ideas to get you started and to help make your search for a St. Louis balloon twister as fruitful as possible.

Finding the Right Balloon Twister for Your Theme

Of course, balloon twisting is most often associated with the circus, and it isn’t rare to see a clown behind this act. But this is far from your only option. With the right initiative and a certain creativity, you can find the perfect balloon twister for your St. Louis event. When you need a balloon twister for a themed party, you have to be sure of two things: One, that they can accomplish your theme, and two, you want to be sure that the company has done these types of parties before in the past. If you have a very specific theme, be sure to browse a few balloon twisters before committing. So if you’re putting together a safari party, be attentive when looking through a company’s portfolio. While you may not see photos that match this theme exactly, you can see if they’ve pulled of successful animal parties in the past. Likewise, if you are planning a knights and princesses party, you can find several indications that the company in question is a good bet, even if they have not hosted the exact event you had in mind.

Balloons Can Be More Than Art

Sure, it’s entertaining to see what the balloon twister is going to breathe life into next, but this may not be enough to keep all the party guests occupied, especially children. When looking for a St. Louis balloon twister, be sure you have your party guests understood. For a children’s party, it isn’t uncommon to see balloon twisters that can create swords, shields, helmets and all sorts of battle gear. This may even work for an adult party, but definitely not all of them. In accordance with the point above, be sure you understand the company as well as your party guests. For a corporate gathering, a simple charades and circus-based balloon party should be enough, so you want to see proof of success at these events. While for a children’s party, success should be gauged at a different level, mainly the interactivity the show offers. If you see too much of these traditional parties in their portfolio, it may be a good idea to at least consult with other agencies before booking.