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Wedding Invitations

The right wedding invitation professional can help you get your wedding period started off on the foot by showing off your wedding style and décor on paper. The graphic design arena is constantly evolving and there are some concepts that you will need to be familiar with as you travel down what may be a first time path for you. Don't get scared off by all of the crazy terminology that you will find used in the industry, that is why you are going to be looking for the right professional. You want someone who can take all of the technicalities and bring it to you in layman's terms. So, take a deep breath and start to look around the St. Louis area for some professionals who share your stylistic flair. Before you seek out any potential invitation designers, make sure that you know what your wedding colors are going to be as well as your décor and any themes you might be employing. Once you have this information in hand, seek out a few high quality invitation designers in the St. Louis area. You can find these candidates online at wedding sites or just by doing a Google search. Then you will want to find out all of the pertinent information you need to know in order to hire one that will make you happy.

In terms of your wedding schedule, we recommend that you start your search for an invitation designer the moment after you say yes to getting married. Find out how long the process will takes from design to print. A very talented and high quality wedding invitation designer should be able to jot down your thoughts, design a few proofs for approval and discussion, and have them printed within 6 to 8 weeks. Have a discussion with each candidate about how the process will proceed. Have them describe the editing process. Is there a limit to the number of edits that you can make and is there an added fee for more than a certain number?

How much are they going to cost you, the all important question. Can you get a discount if you order all of your printing needs them. Will you be working through pdfs or printed proofs? What options do you have in terms of shapes and sizes? How much will the postage be? They should be able to give you a fairly accurate number here. Ask them what the limit is in terms of word count.

Do they offer custom design and templates? Take a look at their portfolio of designs that they have done for past clients. You can tell a lot from their portfolio. Is there style similar to what you would want for your invitation? What are your options in terms of colors and fonts. Do they actually listen to your ideas or do they jump right past what you had in mind to a completely different design and thought process? This is important because you need to be heard, it is your wedding after all. If you need anything explained, are they patient and very forthcoming with breaking down the information? Who will put together your invitation pieces? Do they offer that service? Have a talk about your options for placing your guests names on the envelopes. It looks amazing if you can afford to have a calligrapher scrawl the names on, but you will have to check on how much this would cost and whether it fits into your budget. Once you have went through all of this information, you should be ready to hire the designer that will help you get your invitations designed, printed and delivered.